Respironics BiPAP AVAPS with Humidifier (Core Pack)


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  • Adapts automatically to changing needs every night. Perfect for progressive neuromuscular patients whose ventilatory needs change often.
  • Maintains optimal comfort for the patient without decreasing effectiveness or safety.
  • Digital Auto-Trak System with built-in leak detection ensures a breath-by-breath response to a patient’s breathing patterns.
  • The AVAPS algorithm estimates tidal volume over a few breaths and ensures that the average volume is reached by adjusting IPAP pressure throughout the night.
  • Designed especially for patients with certain diseases or disorders, such as: neuromuscular and COPD patients who have respiratory insufficiency, or obese patients with hypoventilation problems.
The newest Respironics BiPAP and Noninvasive Ventilatory Support device available, the BiPAP AVAPS machine combines the comfort of pressure ventilation with the effectiveness of volume ventilation to produce a revolutionary machine that adapts to each patient’s changing needs every night. Using the latest technology in Noninvasive Ventilatory Support for home use, the BiPAP AVAPS device guarantees a certain volume of air per minute using the Average Volume Assured Pressure Support (AVAPS) technology exclusive to Respironics.
AVAPS is a revolutionary method of ensuring the delivery of a consistent tidal volume to patients requiring ventilatory support. AVAPS uses an algorithm that estimates the patient's tidal volume over several breaths. The algorithm calculates the change in pressure needed to achieve the target tidal volume then slowly increases or decreases the IPAP pressure to achieve the proper pressure support. AVAPS, therefore, adapts to disease progression and changes to meet the patient's specific needs while achieving patient comfort and safety.

Respironics AVAPS Technology
Based on Respironics Digital Auto-Trak Sensitivity algorithm performance, AVAPS estimates the patient's tidal volume with each breath and compares it with the target tidal volume. If necessary, the algorithm slowly increases or decreases inspiratory pressure for each breath (0.5 to 1 cm H2O/min) in order to achieve the preset tidal volume.

Please Note: Generally a machine this complex is prescribed specifically by your doctor. If your are unsure what type of machine you need, please contact us for details.

  • Product Finder Type:Machines
  • Product Finder Brand:RESPIRONICS
  • Brand:Respironics
  • Manufacturer:Philips Respironics
  • HCPCS Reimbursement Code:E0471
  • Data Card:Yes
  • Passover Cool Humidifier:Available
  • Ramp:0-45 minutes
  • Altitude Adjustment:Automatic
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  • MSRP with Limited Support:$6200
  • Noise Level:30 dB
  • Brand/Manufacturer:Respironics
  • Warranty:90 Days
  • MSRP with Full Support:$6500
  • 220 Voltage:Yes
  • Pressure Range:4-30 cm/H2O
  • Dimensions:9.45" x 6.69" x 4.72
  • Exhalation Relief:Bi-FLEX
  • Mask Off Alert:Yes
  • Product Condition:NEW
  • Included In Box:BiPAP, AC Power Cord, tubing, filters, heated humidifier, SmartCard, user manual, and travel bag
  • Software Available:Yes
  • Can Use A Battery:Yes
  • Humidifier Type:Integrated
  • Integrated Battery:No
  • 110 Voltage:Yes
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