Sleep Well, Drive Safe - Our newest CPAP program...

Posted Jan 24, 2014 by Admin in Store News, Store News

CPAP Supply USA is dedicated to promoting healthy living as well as healthy driving. Yes, healthy driving! Many drivers aren't aware of the dangers associated with sleep disorders while driving. We are here not only to bring awareness, but to guide you on the road to discoveries of solutions for your health. We can help you feel better and drive safer!

How does our Sleep Well, Drive Safe program work?

  1. Discounted CPAP Bundle includes everything needed to get started
  2. Step-by-step instructions and guidance during the sleep apnea discovery period to the treatment planning stage.
  3. Compliance data available within minutes with ease and accurate reporting.
  4. Home sleep test (if needed) is completed in the comfort of your own home so there are no long trips to the sleep lab or overnight stay in a strange bed.

This program partially as a response to a political tide that is building in reference to sleep apnea in our transportation employees. As more side effects of untreated sleep apnea are recognized, we are seeing a push on the Federal and local levels for better regulation to address this issue. Recently, the FAA announced that any pilots with BMIs (body mass indexes) over 40 would be thoroughly tested for sleep disorders and appropriately treated, if necessary. This is huge for our air travel safety! Bills have recently been introduced into both the House and the Senate addressing increased regulation for commercial drivers, and a law was passed and signed by the President in October 2013 that requires the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to follow a full and complete rule-making commission when determing sleep apnea regulations in the industry, versus just offering a "guideline" for screening and treatment. While not the full regulations that some would want, this bill does require a more thorough review of policy and is a step in the right direction for safe roads. We hope to be ahead of the regulation game with our new Drive Safe, Sleep Well program.

And while this program may seem geared to just new CPAP users, it's also a chance for current CPAP owners to upgrade their machine and take better consideration of not just completing their therapy every night, but knowing whether or not that therapy is effective. Improperly treated sleep apnea can be just as dangerous as not treating it at all. Compliance and efficacy data could be the difference in knowing whether or not you're getting the right treatment for your disorder. Please read more about our program, or contact our team for questions.

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