Do I need a CPAP Pillow?

As CPAP therapy has become more and more common, we've seen the industry explode with products designed to increase your comfort while your sleep with your CPAP machine. While navigating all the new product options can sometimes before confusing for users who've had CPAP machines for years, we feel that these new options are a good thing for all users. Now, instead of just handing you a bulky mask and noisy machine and telling you to "get used to it", CPAP providers are hoping to offer solutions, smaller masks, and more efficient machines to make CPAP therapy a much more bearable experience.


One of the first comfort accessories available, the CPAP pillow was debuted on the market over four years ago. Designed to answer the complaints of side-sleeping CPAP users who couldn't make their traditional pillow fit correctly around their mask, CPAP pillows generally offer cut-outs or indentations on each side to allow you room to settle your mask comfortably. Using a standard pillow with a full face or nasal CPAP mask can lead to the mask being shifted out of position, especially for people who sleep mostly on their sides.

We generally recommend CPAP pillows for any customers using a full face or nasal CPAP mask who sleep on their sides throughout the night. It is a helpful tool to ensure your mask stays on properly while you sleep, preventing possible mask leaks or having to wake up in the night to re-adjust your mask.

SleePAP Pillow and CaseOn our site, we carry a variety of pillows in multiple shapes and materials. Our customers have chosen a clear favorite over the years in our SleePAP Pillow by Hudson Industries. For CPAP users interested in foam CPAP pillow, we also offer another design -  the Polar Foam Filled SleePAP Pillow.

For questions about whether or not you would benefit from a CPAP pillow, please contact our Customer Service team directly!